As a yoga therapist, I will design a personal yoga practice just for you that I believe will help you, but ultimately your therapy is in your hands: the idea is to incorporate the practice into your daily life.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy combines the tools and teachings of the ancient practice of yoga with up-to-date information about the origin and treatment of physical, physiological, and emotional conditions to promote well-being and support healing. Yoga Therapy is not a replacement for western methods of treatment, but it often can actually improve a person’s condition.

How it works

In an initial session, I assess all aspects of your condition, both by asking direct questions and by observation, and considering things like range of motion, posture, pain, sleep issues, stress level, exercise habits, diet, and state of mind. I then examine your structure, both statically and moving through simple poses, to ascertain which poses might be beneficial to you. I also will ask you about your typical day so we can figure out when you might do a practice, and for how long. I then design a practice to meet your needs, consisting of poses, breathing patterns, and relaxation techniques, among other things, and teach you this sequence. Shortly after your session, I will send you a drawing of your practice. I can also send you a recording of my voice talking you through the practice for an additional fee.

In subsequent sessions, we will further refine the practice, and perhaps add new things as you master aspects of the practice, or if new issues arise, old ones subside, or both. I will give you updated drawings and/or recordings as needed.


I offer therapy sessions either at my location or at your home. You can expect the initial intake session to last about 90 minutes and subsequent sessions to last 45-60 minutes. I feel it is best to commit to at least 4 sessions after the initial intake – it can take a few sessions to optimize your practice. [During the Covid pandemic, I am offering sessions online].


Single Session Prices

Intake session: $150 (online: $120)
Regular sessions: $100 (online: $80)

Package Prices 

Intake + 4 regular sessions: $500 (no expiration) (online: $400)
Intake + 4 regular sessions: $450 (good for 2 months*) (online: $350)

4 regular sessions: $360 (no expiration) (online: $300)
4 regular sessions: $320 (good for 2 months*) (online: $280)

These prices are applicable to sessions taken at my home studio. There may be a surcharge if I have to travel.

*the 2 months may be extended if  holidays or instructor absences intervene.

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Cancellation and Expiration Policy

If you purchase the two-month package and don’t use all of the sessions within the two months, I will offer you a credit towards future sessions equal to the remainder after subtracting the number of sessions used at the drop-in rate (for example, if you purchased the intake + 4 session package and attend the intake plus two sessions, you would be offered a credit of $450 – ($150 + (2 x $100)) = $100). There are no refunds.

You may cancel up to 24 hours before a scheduled session without penalty – the session can be rescheduled. If you cancel within 24 hours, no rescheduling will be possible.