Since everyone’s body is different, it is best to work on and develop one’s own individual practice, including the poses and adaptations that would be most beneficial for each person. With that in mind, I recommend and offer individual sessions, either at my Manhattan location or at a place of your choosing.

The duration of individual sessions varies depending on the student but is usually one hour. Classes are one hour or one hour and 15 minutes long. A typical class starts with a few minutes of sitting, slowing down the breath and focusing on our bodies. We then explore yoga asana (poses and movement) until the last 10-20 minutes, using repetitive movements and slow deep breathing, learning to control the breath and deepen the ability to relax while stretching and strengthening our bodies. At the end of the class, guided deep relaxation (savasana) and controlled breathing (pranayama) will bring us into a space of quiet stillness.


Private sessions are available at $95 per hour; there may be an additional travel fee. Discounted rates are available for 4 or more sessions paid in advance: $340 for 4 sessions with no expiration date, or $300 for 4 sessions to be used within 2 months.