General Classes

  • Yoga for All: Open classes for all levels and abilities. Modifications and alternatives are offered for different levels where appropriate.
  • Level I: Classes for people new to yoga in general or Viniyoga in particular.
  • Level II: Classes for people who are comfortable with Viniyoga style. This is NOT an advanced asana class.
  • Gentle/Chair Yoga: for people with physical limitations, or anyone looking for an especially gentle class. Like the other classes, this one uses repetition and controlled breathing, but we do most of the poses in chairs and may also use other props for support where needed. This class is usually 50-60 minutes long.

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Therapeutically-oriented Classes

These classes use yoga to help with specific conditions. Each series consists of 4 or more one-hour classes, and includes a CD with practices and techniques you can try at home. No previous yoga experience is necessary.

  • Yoga for Stress Reduction – we use breathing techniques, slow movement, visualization, and sometimes sound to help restore balance, focus and calm to your life.
  • Yoga for Back Pain – we use the breath to help mobilize the spine, along with gentle stretching and strengthening poses.
  • Yoga for Your Bones – we concentrate on yoga practices that strengthen the long muscles of your body, helping to support your bones. We also learn poses and techniques that will improve your balance.
  • Yoga for Better Sleep – we learn breath and movement to energize you in the morning, and, in the evening, to calm the nervous system and relax you to prepare for sleep and stay asleep.

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